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I am 32 yo - Was diagnosed last week with tarsal tunnel syndrome from NCV test last week - said it was "slight" - but - half the time NCV can't detect TT anyway. This was from a neurologist who wants to do full neuro exam. Not sure if the problem may be more foot-specific:

Feet tingle, esp in big toe and in the arch on right foot, sometimes on heel and occasionally anywhere on feet. Occurs in both feet but worse in the right. I have flexible flatfoot and inward pronation when walking. Weigh about 250 lbs but have been carrying my son (23 lbs. age 1) 400 feet daily with some stairs back and forth from day care.

However, for a few months, I've had a "tight" and sometimes slightly numb feeling in my right arch, and in the mornings especially, I feel some very minor, almost arthritis-like pain when I climb steps or even any walking at all when I first get out of bed, and again at the end of the day - mostly subsiding at night in bed. My rt. knee also cracks and pops esp when I first get up in the AM - it could also be a little arthritis.

While the pain is mild, there's much more tingling and discomfort - could it be plantar faciitis instead of TT (or both) in my right foot especially?

The symptoms are mild overall - and when I get over my (probably unnecessary) fear of MS or other neurological disease, I keep thinking I have a combo of TT/Arthritis/PF as a likely culprit.

FWIW I have no balance issues, trouble walking, etc...that's all been fine.

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