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Hello all. By way of background I had an Austin bunionectomy 6 days ago and had my first follow up yesterday and I was hoping some of you who have gone though this already could answer a couple of questions.

1) Weight bearing: I was told that I could start bearing a little weight and walking around a little bit but really don't think I can. At what point do I get worried? I feel like I'm falling behind the curve by not walking even after I've been cleared by the doctor.

2) Pain: The first night was the worst which was to be expected. After that I had very little pain and stopped taking the prescription pain meds after the first couple of days but today I really feel like I've backslid. Not sure if it was the doctors appt yesterday or the fact that I really spent a good deal of time up on the crutches yesterday including going to the grocery store with a friend. Is it normal to have "good" days and "bad" days? Also, the pain isn't in the first metatarsal but directly below the second and third toes. What's up with that?

All in all, I'm very frustrated today.

If additional background would help I've also got a thread going here:

Thanks in advance for the replies!

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