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Hello NY Flat Foot,

Sorry you are having troubles with your foot! But welcome to the forums anyway. I have found a lot of good information and support here and I hope you have the same experience!

First, is your dr talking about fusing your ankle or your subtalar joint? It may be a little confusing because pain in either one can be described as your ankle since most of us don't even know what the difference is. Your ankle is the place where the bones in your leg meet the talus to form the joint. The subtalar joint is where the talus meets the calcaneus to make the joint. Most people who have problems with flat feet have their subtalar joint fused or sometimes they have a triple fusion - subtalar, talonavicular, and calcaneocuboid joints. The other two joints are part of the midfoot and right in front of the spot where the ankle meets the foot. If you can find out which joint(s) your dr is considering fusing I can give you better advice. I have had both my ankle and my subtalar joint fused.

"Has anyone had the same experience? What is the recovery time without the tendon transfer? Anyone in the NY area that can recommend a surgeon? Will my knees become the new "give point" (weak point) once the feet are fixed? Can the knees revert to a "normal" position after so many years (40+)trying to compensate for the feet? What else should I ask the Dr. when I go for my next visit?"

I can answer the question about whether the knees will become the new "give point" even without knowing for certain which joints may be fused. The research shows the knees are not the joints that feel the pressure most. The joints more distal (closer to the toes than the knees) are the ones that have to bear more weight or move in ways they were not built to move. The exception to this is often times people who have their subtalar joint fused may have ankle troubles. However, the majority of people develop arthritis below the fused joint.

Please keep posting and let us know which joint(s) and we will be happy to share more detailed advice for you! :)


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