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I imagine everyone has slight differences in healing time/ progress, but here's my version: fell off a ladder 6 ft landed on my heel on the concrete, off to the er for a good time, xray and cat scans taken, splinted up sent home to return in six days for the verdict; broken calcaneus, surgery 5 days later, orif. they used a general and a nerve block so i woke up feeling quite chipper (low pain) the block wore off the next day then the pain game started (worse than the initial sledge hammer to the foot event) stayed over at the hospital two nights until the drain placed during surgery stopped producing. home sweet home armed with vicodin, 2x4 times daly. started cutting myself off one pill per day after the first two days. uncomfortable, but glad to be on the mend. its been 16 days since sugery, the swelling has gone down substantially, as witnessed by the stretchmarks on the top of my foot and the gaps between my toes. tomorrow the splint comes off and i imagine a regular cast goes on after they check for the health of the wound site and pull the stitches. what a long strange journey, everything about it is sloooow.... does this sound like anyone elses experience? what's next?:)

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