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im now at exactly 6 weeks went to physio and for a review yes2day, pins and plate have taken nicly on my left foot just a case of getting more movment in the joint which on friday the physio gonna do some manual strechs on it, you can tell the diffrene in size of the feet one i had surgury on very swallen still which we expect to go down when i start walking and scarehad and internal has healed propply

got my cast off my right foot still a little hairline frature which will heal in couple of weeks by the time i go back for another review, i have got a removable cast on still FULL WB but still got to wear cast to walk as to not make the fracture bigger, (tho i am waking without it on aswel) ankle was swallen and very dry when the cast came off so str8 in bath got all tht off and had it in the air on ice alday and the swelling has gone down fantastic

at the moment im doing the simple exercises on both feet the phyiso has given me up/down, side to side etc and toe movments, puttingfet on floor etc back on friday for more but he was amazed with the recovery and movment in my feet, got little bumps on back of my heels which are no biggy may or may not go.

my consultsnt is abit **** who needs him only seing me to keep me on the books my phyiso is a god and knows what to do

im able to walk unaided short distance just to loosen joints and get use to it ready to do it at physio, with my boot and walking cast can walk anywere, dnt even really need the boot just wear it incase for now

im also taking glucosamine for joints etc which i think seems to help, and my normal anti inflamatry but no pain killers because no pain now

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