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Doctor dismissed me as OCS, but I know somethings different! Cant find answer online, looking for more info so next doc visit doesnt go to waste, i mentioned this to him and he dismissed me as being OCD or maybe exzcema, and its not.
Feet developed abnormal callusing and toes too. Excess skin, peeling, oily, rubbery feeling. Acid peel did help some but not much.
Hands: Fingers swollen, lumpy, callusing that seems to come from nowhere. Numbness in fingers, nails look bad. also feels rubbery and oily.
Been going on for about 4 months now. Call me crazy, but when i stepped into some ice cold rainwater w/ ice in it, it seemed to remove the dead skin from my feet. Literally froze it off. Weird, but yes it happened and they looked normal! Been 4 days and i feel it coming back.
What is this oily yucky feeling? and the numbness, callusing. I am not on my feet all day. I dont have any major health issues, thyroid functionwas low last month, I dont go to gym, havent been out of counrty or house much so i dont know whats going on. I think its an infection my feet do not itch or burn. pretty numb even when i poured trychloric (TCA) acid on them.
I know i need to see a dermatologist and will soon, meanwhile, this is driving me crazy! Skin peeling off, very thick and rubbery on the pads of my feet.
anyone heard of this? it makes me sick to think my doc said its all in my head. Heck, i know my feet and they NEVER had this problem. It gets pretty thick and one can tell the difference.
My fingertips look swollen and puffy, numbness often. Skin feels different.
meds i am on are celexa, levathyroxine, risperidol, trazadone, klonopin (for depression/anxiety) oxycodone for back pain. Onset of this issue doesn't coincide with start of any medication, it began before i started the medications above except klonopin, been on it for years, and other similar meds before ones stated above.
Doc did blood work but only thing he mentioned was the underactive thyriod.
Maybe im alleric to something? heck I DONT KNOW! help!:dizzy::confused:

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