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just looking for your thoghts on this problem im having. monday 10/25 i had brostrom surgery and arthroscopy to remove bone chips on r ankle. (1st surgery for me ever) and not a pleasent expierience. i went under at approx 1030am done and discharged at around 1pm. spent the rest of the day trying to RICE. they did do a nerve block somewhere below the knee (backside). did not sleep well. not due to pain as i assume nerve block was active yet. (later, through my own research, i found out one of the side effects from the block is sleeplessness) early tues morning i start expieriencing intense pain and burning sensation on bridge of foot, behind knee, and outside area of ankle, and achillies area but mostly while im elevating/icing. less pain when not elevated. popped more perc .got routine call from hospital asking how i feel. i asked how im supposed to elev/ice when it causes severe pain? they said call doc. so i did at 9am. then again at 1030. and the wife called at 1230. (they were saying they would call back but never did till 1240) so the doc tells me to come in. i go in and explain that i cannot elevate/ice with the unbearable pain that it causes. he takes off boot and loosens ace bandage type dressing and says he thinks it was too tight. it did feel better right after he did that. he also told be i can double dose the percs for 2 days and mix in ibprofren 800mgs too. i get home pop 2 perc eat some soup and pop an ib/ slept for an hour elevated/iced only to wake up with super intence pain....9.5 on the scale of 1-10. waited 2 hours popped 2 more percs . still intence pain mainly while elevating/icing. im to the point where i have to wait till i pop the two percs so i can elevate/ice. seems like the pain is diminishing but something dont seem right with reguards to my research on other peoples same surgeries. i thought elev/ice would ease the pain. its not. im still in the 8-9 pain area. and still didnt sleep more than an hour at a top it off im constipated too. once again through research of my own i found out its common to be constipated after surgery and that one of the fluids they say not to have is coffee. the hospital or doctor never even warned me about post op constipation. in fact, they freakin served me some coffee immediatly following my surgery... to sum it all up....IM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER and im in bad shape...hope today is better. any thoughts/suggestion? thanks

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