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Hello everyone. Wow, a lot has happened to me since I last posted. Long story short, my surgery date was Oct. 25th, (tendon transfer, bunionectomy, cal. osteotomy, and gastroc recession) and was progressing nicely. I was out of my boot at 7-8 weeks, could walk around the house without any crutches, and could handle all the pt exercises. Towards the end of December something wasn't feeling quite right in the tendon transfer area and I started to notice some new swelling. I asked the PT therapist about it and also mentioned pain when doing some clockwise/counter clockwise movements but she said there is always pain with pt, so I shrugged it off. I continued doing everything I had been doing and the swelling persisted and new pains were creeping up. On Jan 13th my tendon ruptured in 2 places and I ended up in surgery again on the 17th. I am back in the boot and non weight bearing for 6 weeks and will have to start over again. My doctor, who is wonderful, was quite taken aback and had never had this happen in his career. He has done a lot of research on his end and I have traced my progress over and over to see what could have gone wrong. There does not seem to be a smoking gun. Anyway, no one could have even convinced me that this could happen because my recovery was going so well. This time around I know to pay attention to every little twinge and pain and ask about it. I am depressed about having to go through the nwb again but take comfort in knowing that I already know the drill. Good luck to everyone out there and listen to your body!

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