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Re: Toe Fusion
Nov 19, 2010
I really would like to ask a question. I have severe osteoarthritis in my big toe with a bump sitting on top. The specialist last year said he would do a fusion but he thought that the nerve pain would get worse and the arthritic pain would improve. My family doctor looked at my foot and tested my blood for gout. The test came back negative but bloodwork is not conclusive for gout disease. My question is this. The pain I experience in my big toe is piercing shooting pain and I cannot tolerate any shoe on my foot. I have to wear Crocs everywhere. Regular shoes are out of the question even the soft padded flat ones. The pain makes me wince and I have to walk on the side of my foot. I elected not to have the fusion last year because the medicine for gout worked to ease the pain during one of my flares. I don't get a fever and although my toe does swell it is not enormous. Is this kind of shooting piercing pain (making it impossible to have any shoe touching the top of my foot) normal for simple osteoarthritis of the joint. The pain seems to occur for a period of time and then it settles down for a while. I am beginning to wonder if there is more going on. Has anyone else experienced this severe shooting pain when a slipper touching the top of the foot makes me wince.

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