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Hi everyone.

Last Wed I had a bunionectomy and osteotomy with a pin inserted. So its been 10 days ago. I am in tremendous pain. I have not slept one night since this was done. I wake up with a throbbing excrutiating sensation and also my leg and calf are cramping up. I have a few percocet left but they seem to make me sick. Anyhow my ankle is so swollen and also throbbing on the left side. It's totally black and blue and if I touch my ankle it hurts very badly. My foot feels as though it's going to explode when I try and stand up at times. He told me in 3 weeks i'll be walking on it. I feel like I am going backwards in healing. it feels as bad as day 1. I had that nerve block thing and when that wore off i've been in bad pain since. I may have some time through the day it's bearble but at night the pain is horrible.

When I was 18 about 22 years ago I had a double bunionectomy and I don't remember it hurting as bad as this one foot now. He said there was alot of connective tissue over the top he had to remove.

Please tell me there is an end to this agony?

Hi jessigrl,

I would like to know how you are doing now that 4 months have gone by. I had the same burning, pain, freezing etc. As I read your post, I had the exact same symptoms.I am 6 weeks post op and I am getting disheartened a bit because I am not fully weightbearing. I am also very swollen and black and blue. I feel like I am healing so slowly. I also had bunion surgery 17 years ago on my left foot and I don't remember this level of pain at all. I am turning 40 soon and I think that has something to do with it.
Are you walking and dancing yet? Are you living a normal life? Do you have any stiffness and numbness?

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