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I have never heard of an "organic spacer" in this procedure. Are you talking about a hemi implant? If so, the longevity of them is suspect. At stage 4 the only alternative would be a fusion. At stage 3, a cheilectomy with osteotomy might give you a few years - if they drill the remaining cartilege and it produces any scar tissue to add cushioning.

I strongly suggest you see a sports med ortho who is board certified in foot and ankle. You don't say where in NJ you are but I suggest calling the Giants or Jets front offices to find out who they use. If you are interested in going into NY, I suggest the Hospital for Special Surgery.
Thank you Titchou. The 'organic' spacer is actually cadaver material that will cushion the space between. This is called a Keller procedure. I was not interested in an implant or permanent hardware as they do usually cause some sort of problems down the road. Since there's next to no cartilage left, my choices were fusion and this procedure, which I chose in the hopes of regaining some ROM and staying active.

Thanks for your suggestion though. I am headed to the doc this morning. He has an excellent reputation (Temple/U Penn) and specializes in reconstructive surgeries of the foot and ankle, including sports related injuries. He has done this procedure for over 25 years so I am as optimistic about his abilities as I can be. :) I will be asking everything I can think of regarding the post op care, what to expect, etc.

If anyone has had a similar procedure and has any thoughts or comments, I'm all ears!

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