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Terrible foot pain
Feb 6, 2011
3 weeks ago i had jumped about a foot high and when i came down it was pretty hard.I whent to the er the next day in the morning the pain was unbearable i couldnt put any preasure on my heel at all.They did xrays of the area i told them there was pain in and they told that nothing was broken and i just bruised my heel or caleneus and it was deep in the bone.So i went home in pain.It now has been three weeks the pain is horrible and i have to use a cane to get around so that i dont end up in severe pain. The right side of my ankle is two times the size of the other.There was a really nasty bruise on the inside of my arch but that has gone away.Now there is a big lump on the inside of my arch the two feet plainly differ from one another.I dont know what to do Ive looked up the whole plantar fascia thing and yes it seems i might have it but this goes beyond that it is 24hr foot pain standing or not.I dont have any medical iam jobless i worked for the goverment and got layed off and every time i go to a doctor they say that iam fine with everything this has been years of experience so i dont have much faith in doctors i would love to hear from some one with this problem too. So pretty much i am looking for someone that has the same problem and has found a solution to the delima if so please reply ty.

p.s. cutting off the foot has been reviewed and not going to happen lol.

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