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I had a bunionectomy back in december and everything has been healing well EXCEPT that I can't bend my big toe forward.
I didn't find this out until a few days ago after my last doctor's visit. My doctor says that everything is looking great and that I have a better range of motion than they expected even for long term, but I cant' bend it down, in a curling motion.
I don't have another visit for another month and I want to know if this is normal or something I should schedule an emergency visit for.
Are you in P/T? If not, ask your doctor about giving you a prescription for P/T. It should help with range of motion.
Were you given exercises to do? They should help. Picking up a washcloth from the floor is one they often do to this. Also pulling the toe out and then up and down. but you'd need to ask your doctor if it's OK to do them at this point.
Ditto PPs, are you doing your toe exercises? I don't think I was completely comfortable trying to curl my toe downwards on my own without the exercises until about 3-4 months post op. It takes time to get back to where you were pre-surgery.
I am doing PT, including the stationary bike, toe bends, balancing, and "tippy toes." Thanks for all of the suggestions!

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