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Hi Delightfuldior, so glad to hear a reply as a new member myself! It does encourages me a lot to have such on-line community support during these tough weeks :)
Your photos are looking good, I have to say, you're definitely on the road to full recovery, and your toes look straight and nice. I really believe it is just a matter of time for you to get the full bounds back in shy of weeks. I think once the final swelling has gone, your toe will look all good, don't worry.

For me, as much as the operation was simpler, but my scar (which is similar to yours in length) is sitting vertical just below the big toe into the middle part of the foot, and a nail is inserted towards the end of the scar to secure the new adjusted bone. So, much like Jesus was nailed on the Cross (you can picture that). My surgoen used the best and most simple method to correct my bunion and this is the result. So far, I am happy with my recovery. The worse post op pain is much passed, I am trying to come off painkillers totally now (day & night). I'm trying to do minimal foot moving execrsies (moving foot back & forth a bit), and draw circles in the air by moving the foot etc. This is my R foot so I'm pretty dependent on my L foot since last week's operation. My concern now is the L foot also has a big bunion and it's just a matter of another year or 2 (the latest) to fix that one too. My surgeon strongly adviced me to do 1 foot at a time so to be 'slightly' moblie during recovery - I totally agreed, 1 foot at a time.

Did you have an operation too for your R foot? Or does that foot bothers you?

Do you have any suggestions as to scar managment after the wound is closed? Did you use any creams or oils to smooth out the scar?

How did you come about getting bunions? I got me pretty much inherited from my dad, he has big ones, but got away with surgery. Then, when I was living in England, I took up classical ballet for 6 to 7 years, so that kind of stressed out my toes (which are already quite easy to get bunions). I worked at Hotel Front Desk for a couple of years in my 20's and they needed us to stand a lot at the job with slight heels, again, that hurt my feet...
Lastly, when I got pregrant at 27 with my daughter, the weight of child bearing also contributed to the on-set of bunions. So, as I hit 43 now after so many elements in the past, my foot have been finally acting up and my bunions got bigger gradually each year since 6 or 7 years ago. I have put it off to operate on it until I am sure about this. I have heard some terriable stories. However, my love of outdoor walks, and nature seem to disappear on me. I no longer can go hiking for 3 years. I also cannot talk long summer walks which I love or jog too long, my feet just cannot bear it. So, my life quality is going downhill and I cannot be active like I want to be. I told my husband and surgeon that I am only 43, I still to live and love life, as much as I hate to go under the knife and the scar(s) will be there for years,but I want to able to talk walks and live a healthy life. So, after a year of seeing this foot specialist referred by my doctor, I went for her for the surgery last week. Yes, it has been a decision which I took long time to make.

Yes, I have been told my surgeon that the 1st 2 to 3 weeks are the toughest to get through as I love to be out for walks, doing my hobbies (in door plants, making soaps, and outdoor walks and social with people)....but these weeks WILL pass, she said, and it WILL get better. I have been trying my best to keep busy (like replying emails, joined a forum like this one, reading, phoning friends) so not to have the on-set of depression, which will make things worse. I am a Christian and go to church regularly. I missed church last Sunday due to my freshly operated foot. I hope I can use my crutches to attend church tomorrow (Sun). To see my friends and to join the worship, it really help emotionally to be attached with my Faith during healing time. Many at this forum have shared about this too.

My work place is not as generous. They only approved 4 weeks so far for my sick leave (which ends on April 17). However, it it so unrealistic to be back on my feet to work only 4 weeks, my surgeon is going to fill in documents closer to the 4th week to push to end of April or at least early May to give me 6 to 7 weeks. Really, the companies nowadays are tough and full sick leave pay is getting harder to be approved. We will see how things go. That is why I am hoping, praying, and longing for my R foot to recover in a speed fast way - really, it is not a want, it is a need for me, for my job.
My job is an admin job at the hotel (I no longer have to work at the Front Desk now), but needs me to walk around to get documents, printings, distributions, and communications to different departments, and the hotel is a larger hotel too, so lots of walking. I hope my company's insurance provider can understand this nature. As soon as they see it is an admin job, they are set to limit the weeks off and have their lots of reasons to back them up. Me too have my reasons too, and my surgeon also insists this way that I need over 4 weeks off. So I hope you will push it for me. Will keep you posted.

Do you have to work at all?

It is a beautiful Saturday morning here in Vancouver. But, I can't go out for a morning walk :(
My hubby just returned from his morning walk and told me how nice it is outside. Early Spring is setting in here in Vancouver.

I have been to Wakefield before (long time ago..). It is a town famous for steel making. When I was a teenager in Leeds, my Boarding School led us as a class to travel to Wakefield for a day trip to look at the steel production sites. It was a lot of fun. I missed my England days, those were the good young student days I had whenever I looked back now! Just wonderful!

Hope to hear from you soon. :)

[QUOTE=delightfuldior;4715708]Hi, Im in Wakefield west yorks, not far from Leeds :)

Itll be 8 weeks on Monday since my op. I had the xrays done on Monday and all is well. I noticed though that there were two screws in the first metatarsal and a staple in the big toe. No pins. I thought a scarf oseotomy involved putting the screws in the joint. Not the metatarsal.

Anyhow, I am fully weight bearing. Foot is still very swollen, if not more now Im walking on it. I can only fit my ugg boots on but its very painful getting them off once Ive swollen into it! I dont have full movement of my big toe and cant stand on my tip toes but Im gently and slowly pushing it. Im hoping to go to a pool and do some treading to give it some exercise.

The incision has taken some healing. It was still open at 7 weeks. Its also very lumpy and red so Ive had to protect it with a dressing till it eases off. Im still in the flat velcro shoe when not in the uggs.

I hope you recover well. I have to agree, its the test of being housebound and not able to do anything. This was the worst for me. I could take my dogs out, drive - which I am still not able to do, housework etc. It was horrible :( Ive been told I cannot run for 3 months and this I love. So its the gym bike and cross trainer for me! I forgot to ask about heels. I guess thatll be something like 3 months too although I rarely wear them unless I go out.

Ive attched some pics. You will see the gap between the big and 2nd toe has closed up alot and unless Im imagining it, the big toe has turned in again? But thre is alot of swelling too so maybe it will look better then.[/QUOTE]
Hi Polly (hope you don't mind me addressing you as Polly, more personable) ;)

My 2nd visit to my foot doctor (who is the also the one who performs on my surgery) is tomorrow late afternoon. My hubby will come home a bit earlier and drives me to see her. Her clinic is about 20 minutes by highway from my home at the other end of the town. Which is not too bad for distance-wise.

Hubby has been wonderful and loving to me. He took some days off to care for me right after the surgery. My 15 years old daughter has also been at home the past week as her mid term break, so I was lucky to time my surgery this way. Starting tomorrow, I'll be on my own at home during the week as hubby is at work and my daughter will be back to school after mid-term break. I'll have lots of time reading, resting, writing emails, chatting on this newly joined forum, and researching on many other things I have never had time to do 'sitting down'. I have always work full time since I moved to Canada from Hong Kong 20 years ago as a young lady, so apart frommy maternity leave for my daugther's birth back in 1995 for 6 months, I have always work my butt off hard :dizzy:

It is so nice you can hoovering! Woo! I long to get back on my feet soon. My home is a bit messy now as I have been 'ingoring' the mess due to my 1st week post-op. I have hoping this is into my 2nd week, things can be healing more as the days progress. I long to be able to do my own laundry, hoovering, cook my own little meals and able to just to be 'moblie' enough to eventually walk a little outside by a cane or so and sit at the courtyard outside of our apartment. The Spring has really sets in for Vancouver and the weather can be sunny and nice some days, with occasional rain. The past few days have been beautiful with the early Spring feel. I really wish I could be well enough to sit outdoors even just for a little bit.

The swelling at my foot is going down a lot, I could tell, compares to last week post-op. I have trying to move my foot in a front and back motion and draw circles in the air with it when lying in bed for sitting with my foot up. I hope tomorrow the doc can give me good news as to the removal of stitches and if miracle happens, she can also remove the pin. Otherwise, everything should be able to be removed by 3rd week (early April).

I only had 1 penny size bleeding post op, but otherwise everything looks good to my doc during my last visit 5 days post-op.

You know Polly, I have been trying to keep very positive, staying sociable to talk to friends over the phone, and let them come to my home for visits so to keep my spirit up and to avoid depression. I had a mild post-patrum depression for about 3 weeks after I gave birth to my daughter. I was a bit worried that this operation my trigger this kind of depression again.

For the last week, I did have my 'blue' days on and off, and slowly I am getting better. I guessed this blue is very normal from reading off the forum.

I only used my velco 'moon boot' when I have to go out for doc visits or go to church (yes I am a faithful Christian and going to church really helps me during this recovery time. My pastor said a little prayer for my foot for speedy healing).... as my foot is bundled up with thicker bandage - it is a bit tight to fit into the boot. I can velco it loosely but still love to let my foot breath at home when I am taking it easy.

My job is 'watching' me tightly for my sick leave - as my company's insurance is covering my sick leave so far. They approved 4 weeks so far. Any further sick leave my doc will have to fill out more medical forms, which I know my doc will push for me. She knows well that it is best to try for more than 4 weeks if it works. She is trying to push to 6 weeks off for me. That is why I really pray that my healing can be speedy!

From yesterday, my foot started to itch at the bottom. May be due to the bundled up for the past 10 days. I hope this is also a sign of recovery. I no longer need to ice the foot that much nowadays compares to the 1st post op week. Just very occasionally if I had my foot down for longer down than expected.

I love the description of where you live - a livery yard! This is the kind of life of my dream. You must live at the country side of the town? I live at North Vancouver which is the other side of downtown Vancouver.

I remember you also lives near Yorkshire?? I went to a Boarding School in West Yorkshire, near Leeds area. I was there as a Boarder for almost 9 years. Those were to good innocent years, I was only a teenager studying my O & A levels !! I still love some of the photos I kept from my school days there. I really missed England that way. I always tell my family and friends about the Yorkshire & my lovely boarding school days.

Take care. Hubby is putting on a simple late dinner - it is 8:30pm our time in Vancouver. As tomorrow is a work day for him (and a school day for my daughter), we will be going to bed prior to 10:00pm.

Chat to you after the doc visit tomorrow to see how things go :)

Thanks for all the support on-line :angel:

Hotdog girl.

[QUOTE=polly54;4716497]Hi Hotdog girl, what a tremendous suprise to get a reply from you- and all the way from Canada too. I'm afraid I had to have a day more or less in bed after doing far too much the day before. I felt that I had really cracked this recovery business and was practically skipping about in my snazzy (not) velcro sandals; painting, sewing, hoovering, cooking and on more than one occasion forgetting about my feet- which was rather nice. I even went with my husband, who drove, to our livery yard where I tottered about amongst the horses and filled the odd hay net. Yesterday however I felt exhausted and realised that I had been pushing it so I spent the day mostly sleeping and sitting with feet up. Feel better for it today and again having to resist the temptation to rush at everything.
I really have had very little pain or swelling in either foot (with minimal medication) and I put this down to the minimally invasive technique that is being trial'd here and apparently has been given NICE approval as the procedure of choice. I recall the consultant said that there have only been a total of 600 cases to have the procedure-not sure if that was in UK only so I suppose I have been a bit of a guinea pig.It was done on the NHS. It involved a general anaesthetic, 2x 2 cm cuts above and below the bunion, a metal pin attached by 3 screws to the bone, chevron cut in 2 places to allow for the straightening and no stitching. A tournacay (realise that's wrong spelling)had been used to stem blood flow during the op. Then my feet were thickly and quite tightly bandaged and i'm pleased to say didn't bleed post-op and I was given the velcrO sandal which i soon got the hang of. The op took about an hour and I came home about 5 hours later.
The recovery period so far has really been fine and as I said I have had to keep reminding myself what I have had done and the need to take it steadily.
Tomorrow I am due back at the clinic to have the dressings off and hopefully to move into thick padded socks and soft shoes or to have another dressing on. i presume i will have feet x-rayed to look at progress.
In some respects I feel i will be more vulnerable to damaging myself when back in normal shoes (I have a couple of pairs of washable Ugg type boots in the washer as we speak) and inclined to fly around again. Can't risk stubbing my foot/feet and will need to ask tomorrow about how much i can do and what would be the (worst) consequences of bumping feet. Suppose most of it will be guided by the amount of pain. I am hoping that I am ok by the 6 weeks mark -as far as driving, dog walking and riding are concerned but expect to be signed off sick leave in a weeks time. My work is office based and sedentary so I should be ok and have warned colleagues that I might need to adopt the feet on desk position for a few weeks. I think I will feel better when i am back in routine and 'out there'.
I inherited my bunions from my Mother; all her sibs and my maternal cousins have strange feet, but not necessarily bunions. My Mother had hers done40 years ago- big cuts/ scars and done separately so legs in pots for well over a year. The pain was described as worse than childbirth, so I was well put off. Then over the last few years, despite always wearing flat, wide shoes (EEE) and keeping fit I have been beset by painful swollen and very limiting feet, especially in summer. I had gone to see GP about something else but when asked about why i was limping, ended up in tears and so came to realise the extent to which i had been putting on a brave face. The process from referral to being seen took about 4 months which i feel is excellent. After seeing the nurse tomorrow i am booked in to see the surgeon on 12/5 when i hope i will be fit for discharge.

So I am very pleased with it all so far but might be less clever tomorrow pm after seeing my new feet for the first time. I will take pictures though and attempt to attach them to FB and would be interested in your verdict. Whether i will get the swelling after the fairly restrictive dressings come off remains to be seen but I always have my super velcros to fall back on (pun not intended)
Anyway need to stand up so will close and wish you a continued good recovery.

Keep smiling. We have the summer, just around the corner, to enjoy our new feet (or foot in your case). x[/QUOTE]

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