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well there seems hope!
It was aching like mad yesterday after my morning 'walk' so didnt do any more and when I put my heel down this morning it was agony, pins and needles through my heel. I'm wondering if it is that plantas faciitus? I continued to heel walk/shuffle though as I had to get my coffee to the table.. it ends up on the floor if I hop lol
Ive been hopping about quite alot as its easier to get about but noticed when the cast came off last friday my big toe is jolting so not going to do that anymore :-/
I too have been going up and down the stairs on hands and knees. Ive also falled over several times and got nasty black bruises on my arms and shins and carpet burns on my knees... but they're nothing compared to the foot!
I was rubbing voltarol gel on the visible flesh on my foot and it took the edge off a little but Ive stopped it now. Im still icing it when it burns and swells and taking paracetomol every 4 hours but trying to cut down on the tramadol as its a dependant opiate.
I think Ill be investing in some nice soft trainers and some size 4 ugg style boots (Im a 3).
Are any of you driving?
I need my car to work and I have told my employer I need a while to be able to get back into it after the x ray etc, Ive been put on a phased return to work for 4 weeks from 22nd march.
I was not allowed to drive until the pins were out of the hammertoes - that was 6 weeks. I snuck in a trip to the gas station around the corner twice though.

As for the pins and needles - I've had plantar faciitis and it's usually almost a cutting pain on the front side of the heal. I have had a lot of intermittant pins and needles feelings in my feet. This according to the Doc is just nerves healing up. Between the great toe and next toe is still slightly numb (11weeks post-op) but it's tingling now and then and feeling is coming back. Nerves take the longest to heal. It sounds like you are actually healing faster and getting around better than I was at the same time.

I didn't get back to work until 8 weeks after but that was because I cracked the still healing bone in my right great toe and had to wait longer to get rid of the splint on that foot. I don't know how I did it either as I was being AWEFUL careful. Take it easy to avoid that for sure.

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