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Rosal - I can sympathisize with your feeling that it's too soon to take a step, but my experience was that the healing curve is really steep! I'm at 12 weeks post-bunion surgery now and have already scheduled my other foot for 4 weeks from today! For me the huge change came at about the 6 week mark - I went from limping along in my surgical shoe to pretty much normal walking in regular shoes over about a 2 week period. Now I'm able to even go up on my tip toes, which I couldn't have imagined doing even a month ago.

I think that I was also so afraid of doing something that would sabotage my recovery that I was unnecessarily cautious earlier in my healing process. I'm hoping my second foot goes more smoothly now that I have an idea of what to expect. It's been so wonderful to have my full mobility back that I really dread giving it all up again in 27 days (yes, I'm doing a count down!). I hate that stupid surgical shoe and I really, really hated being on crutches. BUT - I hated my ugly, painful buniony feet even more so I'm going to suck it up and get it over with!

My experience was that a significant amount of the lack of range of motion in my big toe was the result of the swelling, and that as that reduced the movement range increased dramatically. My physiotherapist had me doing lots of ankle and lower leg/calf activity, so even if you can't move your toes yet, I found that just moving that ankle around and doing frequent leg extensions really helped with the circulation and reduced the swelling.

As for walking, I'm sure your doctor wouldn't have you walking unless he/she was satisfied that the bones were sufficiently fused. The shoe gives you lots of stability, so just take it slowly. It's better to have proper form than to be fast. I found that my gait was off - I was walking on the outside of my foot and I was really sore, but not in the places I expected. For example, my heel was KILLING me. I bought some gel heel cushions and wore them in the surgical shoe at first and then in regular shoes once I progressed to those. They were life savers during the 8-10 week period. I don't need them anymore, but they were well worth the $6!

Hang in there!

[QUOTE=rosal;4706193]Well, I just got back from the Doctors office. I am 4 weeks 4 days post surgery. My hard cast was removed and the Doc said just wear a sock and the black post surgical velcro shoe. He wants me to start bearing weight and hopes that in a week I won't need crutches anymore. He does not want me to move my toes yet. My foot is swollen on top and bottom. It is also black and blue in some areas. It looks foreign to me- like its not my own. I have a lot of numbness in my big toe which he said will take 6 months to come back. My big toe is also very stiff and if I wiggle my toes it doesn't move. He told me not to move my toes for 2 weeks. The pain has subsided and now I just have some weird feelings around the incision areas, but not pain.I can barely move my ankle which he said was from being in a hard cast and he said that will take 2 weeks to get back to normal.

I still haven't been able to take a step and I feel as if it is too soon. If anyone can tell me about starting to take steps I would appreciate it and I would also like to know about your recovery.

Thank you:wave:[/QUOTE]

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