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Re: Ankle fusion
Oct 8, 2011
This question is for the person who had ankle fusion in July 2011 and reported that he would go to the doctor again on October 3 (in UK?) How are you doing?
I am from Boston, Massachusetts (USA) area and am seriously contemplating ankle fusion surgery. My ankle was broken twice and is now constantly swollen -- gets bigger as the day wears on. Also, I am wearing on -- just had my 75th birthday. Otherwise in good health and good shape (I exercise).

The one thing I can do, generally, is put weight on my ankle. It hurts a lot while sitting, and especially in bed -- and if someone bumps it while I am sitting with my feet up I involuntarily yelp. Getting up or out of a car is pure h... One mile is about the furthest I walk at any one time which seems to be OK, but if I walk more than that, even at different times during the day, I really hurt. Last week I took 3 walks, 1 for one mile, the two others maybe 1/4 mile each. I couldn't walk the next day, even using two walking sticks!
On Oct. 19 I see the doctor who would perform surgery to talk about the possibility. I have been going to two drs. who both tell me when it gets too painful to stand, ankle fusion is the answer.
To complicate matters my husband and I are considering selling our house and moving. I am trying to decide whether I should have this surgery before moving -- or after, and if after, how long will it take for me to recover. By "recover" I mean have the ability to get around without pain and with greater mobility than I have now. I understand I will be unable to put weight on my ankle/foot for about 3 months. Does this mean sitting all day, or using a crutch and walker while hopping on my good foot.
I would truly appreciate any feedback from people who have had this surgery. Thank you. PS - just signed in, Oct 7, 2011

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