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Hi Solsmour, did you have an Austin bunion surgery (chervon cut) or another form of cutting?

I had the austin cut and had 1 pin in my foot for about 4 weeks. The doc decided to let me have the pin to secure the new cut instead of a screw. As my bonds are pretty slim, so the screw would pose more tramua if she has to enlarge the hole and place the thicker screw in. The pin worked well. Once the pin was out, I was allow to wear runners occasionally for the 2 weeks followed when I go out. It was such a wonderful feeling to be able to walk a bit (like normal) every day to get the foot going again. I remember my healing progressed faster from then on, and was able to wear runners back to work (for my admin job) at the week 7 post-op as expected by my doc. My company was happy that I am back all good as full time and no need to progress my work day gradually. My first week back was still tired and my coworkers were nice and went easy on me for my workload. The 2nd week back, partially I returned to my full workload but still full time that week. By the 3rd week, I noticed I was able to take back the full workload and walking was even better for me day to day. My coworkers were amazed how fast and smooth I was healing.

Did the Govt covered your surgery for both foot?

My sick leave off was fully paid by my company's health insurance as it was under 4 months. But the foot surgery I have to pay my own $. Reason is that in Canada, only those who are severely in pain or have foot deformation due to bunions are in line faster for an operation covered by Medical plan. My situation was bad but not severely bad compare to many others waiting in line. I was in pain but I also been told there are others who have badly 'deformed' feet ahead of me. So, my family doc referred me to a foot doctor and she is a private doctor. She has good reputation and specializes in foot injury, corrective surgery and sport injuries. She started seeing me for one year and have some professionals insoles done to my shoes. It helped a bit but my R foot was in pain still, more so each month. I then discussed the possiblity of surgery with her since Summer of last year 2010. We decided to have it done in March 2011 when I can give my company more time for notice, arrange sick leave paperwork and I have 7 months to save up the $. It was nice to have it done in March so this Summer I can wear relaxing scandals. Believe me, back then, even wearing sandals my R foot was in pain, reason is the bunion was sitting on some foot nerves and was pressing on them hard, that was painful to my R foot! I know I cannot get away from it for much longer due to this situation. Now, my R foot is all good, no pain, just need to fully heal for the last 10% or so. My L foot's bunion is here but is not pressing on any nerves (not yet). So, I am waiting to see if I can operate on that one in early 2013.


[QUOTE=solusmor;4819327]Well done Hotdog Girl, sounds like its all good for you also and by 6 - 8 months you will probably be fully healed.

We take our feet for granted when we are younger and squeeze them in tight fitting fashionable shoes and dont realise what damage we are doing to them.
My mothers side of the family all had this problem and it seems that I inherited it instead of the family silver. My father was a chiropodist and warned me from the age of 16 that I would end up with deformed feet.

I suppose there is never a good time to have surgery especially when you are working and have to use up sick leave. I waited until I retired before getting corrective surgery that way it doesn't matter how long I need to wear my trainers. I bought the shape, tone, burn ones so Its also good for my back and may improve the muscles in my legs.

I never used to look after my feet properly and only in the summer woud I pamper them to look good in sandals but now I do it daily and they look a lot better. At the start of the year I was hopeful that one foot would be done but having both of them done within 5 months of each other has been the best thing I have done as there is no point having new shoes and the one looking good and the other one stretched to cover the bunion. My right one wasn't as bad but did hurt a lot after i got the first one done. I still gt a bit of swelling if I have shoes on all day but each day it gets better. I love walking around barefoot and feel that it helps the foot relax.

I am still working on my big toe to get it moving better when I bend and it seems to be coming along nicely. Hopefully the scars will fade with time.

Best Wishes x[/QUOTE]

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