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Hi All! I am 36 year old active female and I had sesamoidectomy of the left foot (tibial) 5 weeks ago (March 14th) after nearly 6 months sesamoiditis pain. All non-invasive treatments failed and I even tried 6 weeks of crutches and walking in an aircast boot for nearly 8 weeks! That in turn caused me to develop back & neck problems. Hence the surgery became sort of necessary.:(
I had heard such bad things about sesamoidectomy but I had to do what was best for my body in the long run even if that meant taking huge risk in terms of losing my ability to walk again.:mad:
Anyway the bone is out and so far my surgeon seems happy with my recovery. Here's the the outline of my recovery process so far:
1. After surgery I had to stay in a big cast for 2 weeks and walk on crutches. And that hurt my back and neck. Ouch!! What a vicious circle of pain!
2. After 2 weeks of the surgery, the surgeon put me in a fiber glass cast and gave me a cast boot so that I could at least get rid of the crutches and start put weight on my foot again.
3. And last week they put in an aircast boot and I have to wear this for 3 weeks. And boy did it hurt when I first started walking in the boot! :eek: But that's expected since my foot was so sheltered in the cast.
4. I also got fitted for orthotics and after 3 weeks of air cast boot I have to slowly transition into athletic shoes with orthtotics. But the incision, which is on the side of my foot hurts so much these days that the thought of putting my foot in a normal shoe scares me. But the surgeon says its gonna be tender for at least 3 months. Although swelling is not bad but she said it takes up to a year for it to go away! Ouch!

I used to be a runner and fairly active person 6 months ago. And now I can't even walk. Just looking for some inspiration from people who have undergone similar surgery. My life (personal as well as professional) is completely out of whack and I'm losing my mind. Please somebody help me!

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