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The osteotomy is important because changing the alignment of the hindfoot reduces the strain and workload on the posterior tibial tendon. The post tib is the main tendon in your foot that holds up your arch. Tearing that causes alot of problems. I searched for a doctor who would do the surgerey without the heel shift and they all said no they would have to do it. I didnt want it done out of fear. I have never had a broken bone in my life and the thought of some surgeon purposely fracturing the bone drove me batty. I understand the physiologics of bone healing with my healthcare background and even that didn't comfort me.

I worried about a non union or a bad union at the fracture site the whole six weeks I was non weightbearing. Went crazy drinking milk and taking calcium supplements to provide support to the healing bone tissue. I said all that to say I worried too much. I followed all the MD orders regarding no weight bearing and things turned out fine. Mine healed well enough at six weeks to start weightbearing.

You will be fine:)

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