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How it happened.

Playing soccer socially, was playing with not the best suited footwear.

A while into the game I kicked the ball hard with my left foot and thats what caused the pain. I knew I had caused some damage/muscle or bone related.

Anyway I finished the game off as the pain didnt cause me to be unable to finish.

Next few days have passed and the pains just got more and more apparent.

Give you the symptoms
Pain on top of my foot radiating from my big toe uptowards my leg.
Metatarsal to the tarsus bones from a google diagram.

All pain is on the top of the foot.

Note: Pain when standing up/walking/foot on the ground
No pain when foot is raised/ not touching the ground can move my foot around in air reasonably normal dont notice pain, perhaps abit of burning when I overly move it with it raised.

If it sits still in the air I dont notice any pain.

Pain is of a like a stinging burning sensation/verging on sharp.

Raising it up or putting it on my knee crossing it removes the pain.

Pushing on the area that causes me pain when its on the ground/walking etc does cause me a small bit of pain nothing that I would say was sore.

No bruising.

I do notice a bulging vein when I walk but my other foot has the same vein going across my foot and I have no pain from that.

Any other info you may need to know I can provide.

Sorry for writing a lot but I thought I'd provide as much info as possible.

I think its either muscle or bone related. Hope its muscle that will heal rather than bone.

Pain isnt really pain killer bad, just painful to walk long periods normally. Force myself to walk on the outside of my foot and stairs are bad for it.

Any possible checks I can do or any personal opinions.

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