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[QUOTE=jowen90;4821863]Hi there,

On Monday night I fell down the stairs and as I was falling, decided to land on my feet rather than putting my arms out (ironically I think my thought process was 'I don't want to break my arm!') The impact on my right heel was enormous though I was wearing shoes and the floor wasn't concrete. My foot was swollen but not grotesquely so, and I couldn't put any weight on it. I didn't sleep all night because of the pain so went to A&E the next morning.

I was examined by two doctors who said that they definitely didn't think it was broken and that the pain might be my achilles. I was sent for X-Ray and they were shocked to see I had in fact fractured my heel. However, they said I was 'lucky in the least lucky way' because the fracture was 'very clean,' and 'not displaced at all' so there was no need for surgery, and that even my swelling wasn't that bad (it's now almost completely gone except where I have Mondor's Sign and around the outside ankle a little). I was expecting to be put in a cast but they said they would rather not as the swelling might cause other problems.

It's now Saturday and I'm not in that much pain unless I try to bring my toes towards my calf. I can't walk at all on the foot and am on crutches, and at certain times of the day it feels quite warm around the calcaneus area (it's the tuberosity where the fracture is, just one fracture, not several) I'm going absolutely insane from sitting around all day but am keeping off my foot and for the most part keeping it elevated or at least off the floor :P

All the prognoses for calcaneal fractures that I've read about on here are really quite serious and severe - I was just wondering, do you think I'm in the same boat? The fracture has not gone near the joint, is singular and is not displaced... I'm 20 years old and quit smoking just over a month ago, eat very healthily and though I am slightly underweight and have previously suffered from amonhorrea, have had regular menses for a year now and no deterioration on DEXA scans ... the doctor's told me 6-8 weeks non weight bearing, but everyone on here with calcaneal fractures seems to have been out of action much longer... I'm scared :( I've got to go back to uni in eight weeks! I can't be NWB there!

My last few questions:
1) The fracture happened on Monday - I'm meant to be going away next Saturday (12 days after the fracture) on holiday with my boyfriend. We were originally going to interrail from England down through Italy, Greece and Eastern Europe but obviously I wont be able to climb up the sights and stuff in Greece now so we've changed our plans - 2 nights in Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague (each) - does that sound do-able on crutches or am I being ridiculous?
2) Do I need to keep my diet the same (which was already v. calcium and vitamin oriented) despite the inactivity? Something about bones needing energy to heal...
3) Has anyone here experienced a fracture like mine and had a fast recovery?
4) What does the tingling feeling in my foot mean? I was wondering if it was just from the tubey grip (I don't have a cast)
5) The fact there's no cast means I'm obviously moving my foot more than I would be without one - do you think I'm in danger of displacing the bone? The doctor seemed to think a cast would do more harm than good :(

Thanks so much,

I wish I had some answers for you so sorry for your nijury. I was looking for answers to a problem I have. I dont remember falling or bumping my foot but the side of my foot by big toe is swollen and it hurts to move toes. It throbs and is reddish in color. I am walking on the side of my foot it hurts so much and cant put my shoe on. I am seeing a doctor tomorrow I have had this for 5 days. The foot I hope someone answers your post.

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