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:wave:Hi eveyone! I am so glad we have this space to share our experiences.:)

I had had bunions all my life.:dizzy:.They came from my dad's side of the family (italians I tell you). My aunts had them removed, so it was a matter of time before I started this long hard process. I am 29yrs old, and I just knew they would keep growing and get worse with time like both my aunts and dad.

I have Kaiser ins. and I am a teacher so I decided to do it during summer.:cool: The doctor only recommended one foot, so I went for my right foot since it hurt the most. It was bunionnette and tailor's bunion (both sides). The sugery was only 45 min. Woke up w/no pain. I had lot pain when I would put my foot down or when I would try to walk with crutches so I opted hop like a bunny! Overall the pain was bad for 3 to 4 days:o. I took ibuprophen for the pain and swelling since pain meds made me sick and constipated, I just went off those heavy legal drugs.:jester:

2 weeks later they removed my stitches and my foot looked great. I have high pain tolerance so I started walking at 2 1/2 wks without crutches and by week 3, I took a short trip to the mall. I placed my weight on the heel and l only walk around the house to cook and clean. I try to listen to my foot but I must confess that it is very hard for me to just sit and heal:eek:. I massage my scar tissue every day with vitamin e. I massage it where it is painful on the scar to break the scar tissue. It is starting to look great.

I went to the gym at 3 1/2 weeks only worked out upper body and did 20 minutes bike (i regret that, but I cant go back ).

My big toe went back to pre op position:mad: and bumps developed where the bunions were on both sides. My small toe is very stiff. I went to the doctor and he said the big toe shifted back because it went back to its comfortable positio (he gave me a spacer for my big toe to try to keep it straight) . At this point I dont know what to believe. He said that internally it looks better than pre op. I will have xrays taken in two weeks. My foot is still really swollen and red, but it really doesn't hurt.:wave:

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