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[QUOTE=hannahbee;4847568]Hey Nicole
i just made an account on here so I could answer your question! I'm 18, live in UK and had Lapidus Bunionectomy on my right foot on the 11th August 2011. My bunions are hereditary and so I have waited to have the surgery after my feet stopped growing!

I was in a plaster cast for 1 week, then a fibreglass cast for 3 weeks. After 4 weeks, I had a metal pin which was supporting the surgery removed (the pin was poking out of my skin) and was given an air cast boot and my Doctor told me that I could fully weight bear. I must say, I laughed at this. At first, I used a crutch to support me and I was very downhearted. My leg was so weak, my ankle hurt every time I put a teeny bit of weight on it, I just felt like crying.

However, I kept resting and elevating my foot and kept using my crutch to support me and then around 3/4 days after I was given my boot, I was able to walk in the air boot without the use of the crutch. I was a little shaky at first, and my ankle used to twinge, but now I can walk perfectly in this boot, and whats more my incision site has not hurt at all. Today I am at 6 weeks post op and I have been able to walk without the boot (I have the boot for 2 more weeks) although I'm only doing this to try to strengthen my foot a bit.

I would say to use a crutch to begin with as your 'safety net', and you'll soon get stronger. I realised that what was holding me back was fear, and once I got over that my healing process quickened.

I hope I helped in some way!

Aww, thank you have helped. :) Words of encouragement always help.

Well, things have been progressing well, but slower for me as I had both feet done at the same time! Bunions also run in my family...on my mom's (mum's....UK lingo haha) side.

It seems all surgeons do the lapidus a bit differently from each other. I only ever had thick guazue bandages and the hard soled velcro bunion shoe. I was able to bear weight on the heels during the healing process. My fixation screws stay in permanently in both feet. They are deep inside the bones as my surgeon showed me my last set of x-rays. I don't feel them at all and my incision area is feeling fine as well.

Thanks again! Good luck to you as well with your healing Hannah.

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