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Totally agree, had a bunionectomy in 2008 - will still in pain. Had little cartilage left and sesamoid pain; ended up doing a 1st MTP fusion. Still pain, so the fibial sesamoid was removed in October 2011. I have burning and tingling and difficulty walking and standing. Now seeing a foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon who told me foot surgery is tricky. I worry about my other foot - he took an x-ray and told me not to do surgery. I wish I could go back in time and not had foot surgery. It literally ruined my life. I was so active. Very depressing and as you say; feel no one understands. If I did not have a desk job I could not work. I live alone and can no longer mow my yard even. My quality of life is poor. A trama surgeon told me foot surgery is not an "easy surgery." I wish I could go back, I feel like a crippled at 51.
Thank you for the kind words. I love your avatar. Well the foot and ankle ortho surgeon took x-ray of other foot (yes buntion as well) and advised me not to have surgery. I do wear a gel spacer between the big toe and second and have orthotics. The podiatirst who took my sesamoid out looked at that foot (did not take x-ray ) and told me it will need surgery. I fear of ending up in a wheelchair. Yes, I would love to mow the yard. Here it is a holiday weekend and I am spending it sitting as much as I can. I haven't been up on my foot long and it is already burning and tingling. Had nerve study (EMG) and that was normal. Foot and ankle ortho ordered CT scan and I see him next week for results. I know people will find this hard to believe, but foot surgery literally ruined my life. Best of luck to you and to those with pain.

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