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:) I hope it helps...I wouldn't have been 1/100th as prepared as I was were it not for others' posts so I reckon I have some paying back to do! And hey, i'm sitting on my butt right now anyway! :)

If you're not already, you might want to try adding a 3-5lb ankle weight to your crutch practice.
Before surgery, I toodled around the house with crutches and thought "Bah! I got it, no problem!" but I discovered the weight of the splint (mine was like a plaster cast with spaces in the middle) made a world of difference...As did the fact that for me, whether it's the splint weight or the drugs or the recovery process or ???, after surgery, every little thing is a huge effort. Not just that it takes a lot of extra time, but at first, a trip to the bathroom might as well have been a 5mile hike...
(That part is definitely getting better, but it still is amazing. I 'walked' the dogs with the knee scooter for the first time today and a whopping 6 blocks of me rolling on the scooter left me breathing hard.)

I also forgot to practice getting up from wherever I'd be sitting (or even from flat on my butt) with one foot. I'm not sure if you already have that one covered, but if not, it's definitely one that would have been easier to master [I]before[/I] surgery!

One other thing on the pain topic - if you haven't already, it might be worth it to talk to your doctor about what the pain management plan is..As in what will you be taking/will you be taking something that's long-acting? etc. just so you have an idea of what the plan is and are comfortable with it..
For what it's worth, I found that it is *definitely* easier to stay on top of the pain than it is to play catch up with it.

[I]All[/I] that said, I hope it goes smoothly for go to the hospital, get a happy drug...and wake in the recovery room a few hours later with no nausea and a thoroughly numb foot (that lasts for many, many hours!) :)

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