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2 years ago, I received this surgery on my left foot which consisted of cutting and moving the heelbone, placing pins in my foot, bone grafting, and lengthening the achilles. I am still experiencing pain on my left leg today. My doctor believed I just needed new orthotics, but these have been no help so far. I stopped wearing them and feel slightly better, but the pain is still pretty persistent. My ankle always feels sore and stiff, and my whole lower leg hurts, including and especially my knee. All the muscles and tendons feel tight/strained/sore. It feels awkward to walk (almost as if I am walking on the side of my foot), and I don't really know HOW I should walk at this point. I wish there were doctors that specialized in the whole lower leg. I have an upcoming appointment regarding my knee but I don't know if I will be helped. This problem is haunting me and I feel like if I don't fix it, my foot will bother me for the rest of my life. Thanks

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