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Let me introduce myself first and tell about my other than foot problems in a brief words, because it may be relevant, I don't know.

I am 42 year old computer programmer from Slovenia. I am in severe health anxiety for 6 weeks since I begin having muscle twitches over the whole body (not all the time), most prevalent in my inner feet arches where my feet hurt the most. I am in severe ALS disease fear state, I've been to neurologist to examine me as I have other neurological problems 2 months (wierd tremor at night, nigh tingling and numbning of arms etc.), he couldn't find nothing wrong. Anyway, on with my feet, presuming pain I have is not ALS muscle wasting but some kind of problem that can be solved and treated.

I am a runner. Not a big runner, just a hobby runner for 2 years. I don't go to marathons, I run for 4 km few times a week just to be on a more healthy side of sitting by the computer all day. Running made me relax also.

4 weeks ago when I was having severe anxiety because of twitches I think I overdid my excersise and I didn't warm up. I don't think I overdid it by much but here are the facts:

As I told I usually do about 4 km, sometimes 8 km by running 3-4 times a week. One day I was bicycling for 15 and later that day for 15 km, some of it on hill, I didn't have the best shoes for it, the soles are very hard (I should of worn my sneakers for runing). The next day I ran for 10 km and after 10 hours for another 8 and the next day 4. I can not judge if this is much too much. I is about 3 times more than I usually do.

As I have flat foot for all my life, I bought good shoes for running, I went to specialist to put me on machine and we choose the proper pronator shoes for me, I must of tried them 30... So my shoes are good for me.

First 2 days I felt nothing wrong only some muscle soreness on my legs but not much. But I had severe twitches in insteps from that day (well, at least I didn't notice them before but I never looked at the insoles for 60 seconds to find twitches and never felt them before). 3rd day I've had my dancing lesson and for it, I have dancing shoes that are quite tight (must be). In left foot I felt tingling and some kind of burning sensation in the soles (ball of the foot). When I put my shoes off, it was ok. I did have another shoes few days later that were quite tight and I had the tingling and wierd pain again, this time it was worse.

I googled and found Morton's neuroma and I thought that was it, the location was right there, between the 3rd and 4th toe...

I rather not go in detail for every day, so I'll make this shorter. I also found out I get cramp in my big toe if I extend the foot away from the knee and put big toe down. I immediately cramped. And I noticed pain in the inner arch where twitches were. It is a cramping like pain, but not cramps (if I don't put toe down). First I could be without shoes at home with no problem, problem was only in shoes, the inner arch pain started, it is in the digital hallicus muscle (I hope I speled this correctly) and the tendon on the sole was sore.

After few days the other foot started hurting the same way. Of course I didn't run any more and limited my movements. Resting doesn't help! I tried some cooling cremes and ice, doesn't help as there doesn't seem to be inflamation from the outside at least. I went to the dance weekend and I did some running and I could run without much pain and dance with some pain, but regular shoes were bad. I also had some nerve buzzing at the outer side of my big toe, this was sensory not motor, wasn't a twitch. The buzz went on and off for days along with the pain.

But it wasn't any worse until last weekend when I had some hard sole shoes again and from that day arches in both foot hurts and also the ball of the feet. Buzzing stopped. But now I have pain just walking in slippers at home. Inner arch hurst, toes can get cramp if I bend them down (even to put my socks on), I have pain without mnoving also, cramp like for 10 seconds or mre and then it stops on and off during the day (but it is no big cramp like the one that would tighten my toe tendon much and I would need to rub it to release, it is just cramping because it is not constant).

I noticed if I stretch my legs so one leg in behind and I bend toes on the foot up by bending myself or when bending in the batch tub so that I am on my toes) that this hurst on both feet all along all 5 tendons (whole sole up to my heel). I can walk without limping but after about 30 minutes my right foot which is in a worse pain reminds me that it is enough... I tried running and I could, but right foot hurts and I don't want to do it now. I get toe cramps too easily (big toe especially) and the tendons in soles hurt. Ball of the foot is like I was walking on some damages structures, on the bones without the pads on it and I can feel the veins moving there or nerves or I don't know what. Doesn't feel right.

From today, the right foot hurst also on the outer arch above the heel...

I searched for information what could this be because 4 weeks with deteriorating makes me worry. If I weren't twitching I would worry much less, I don't have foot drop or weak muscles just pain. I also worry because this is obviously no hard injury when overrunning 4 weeks ago, but slowly worsening the smptoms. WHat could this mean? But I still find it no coincidence it started 3rd day gradually after this overdoing in excersize, this can not be coinsidence I guess...

I looked in google, I have symptoms of all Morton's neuroma (although this nerve pain is less now), the plantar fascilitis symtoms and metatarsalgia together. Now also outer arch pain. I can not have it alll, but I know foot is a delicate structure when it comes to some problem.

In my country it is a long wait to come for foot specialist if you don't have a kind of injury that you can not walk, so I know you can not know what I have, but I would be thankfull of any ideas.

Can this kind of wierd pain be from anxiety and some minor injury and I am listening too much? I don't know any more. I had severe rectal pain and burning last year and was afraid of cancer. After coloscopy it stopped :-/ That is I don't know what a broken mind can do to itself and the body any more. With ALS fear it is worse, as there is no 100% testing for it :-( (please if you don't know what ALS is , don't even look on google, when I did look what finger twitch could mean my hand finger twitch spread to most of the body within few days, but is most persistant in inner foot arches, but it is hard to pinpoint as you move toe even a little bit and arches move like twitching, muscle is very near the surface there).

And excuse me for my language, I am not a native English speaker, although health anxiety I had for years (first cancer, now ALS) made me know more English words of diseases than Slovenian :-(

Thank you if you managed to read through my post. I wonder if there is an easy explanation for my foot problems, without deadly diseases mixed in :-(

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