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Broken calcaneous
Jan 1, 2012
In 2010 I was throwing freight down in my stockroom. I was on top of an 8 ft, ladder. I fell off top of ladder and fractured my calcaneous in several places. My heel is all that hit the concrete. I was taken to dr for drug test and sent to hosp. for xrays. I had cts the next evening. Oh my gosh the pain was horrific. I did not sleep at all that night. I went to an orthopedis on Dec 20. He said it would be 2 yrs. before I could walk. I got a second opinion. I had surgery on Jan. 6.Dr said it was broken bad, in several pieces and fragments all over. I wore a fixator for 9 wks, then a cast, and then a boot. Dr put heel cushions in my shoes, but I couldn`t walk so I used a cane dor a while. I went back and told him I couldn`t walk without a cane. xrays showed that arthritis was really bad in my foot and ankle so dr decided to do a subtaler ankle fusion. He did it on June 16. No weight on my foot for 12 wks. T

hey put me back to work for 3 1/2 months at the fitting room. I went back for another checkup and xrays showed a fracture, probably from going back to work. I went for cts and yes I had a good size hairline fracture so I had another ankle fusion on Nov. 17, 5 mo. after the first fusion. It has been 6 wks and I go back to dr. Tues. Jan. 3 and see what they say next Would love to hear from anyone that has suffered anything like this. It`s terrible!!:confused:

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