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Hi all. My surgery is set for March 22 and it's almost the only thing I can think of right now! :) It's a Brostrom + joint scope + tendon work (lateral). I've been reading and rereading your posts... Here's what I'm getting:

Crutcheze pads for crutches (hot pink! :) )
Knee scooter (which one?)
Oorthopedic wedge
Shower bench (already have a movable shower nozzle!)
Cast cover - which one?
Cooler stocked
Grab hook
Pants I can wear over cast (which ones?)

I will be in a soft cast for two weeks... Hard cast for four... Boot after. Doc said to plan on being NWB for 6 weeks.

So the big questions I have... I don't know what pants will work over a cast. I live in Colorado and its cold... I might get away with capris if I have a sock for the other leg and something to cover my toes... Any advice? specific pants?

What covers my cold piggies on the injured foot?

I'm a kinder teacher and will be back after a week. I have a student teacher so I will be able to sit... How long will I need to elevate?

Man. That's a lot! I'm so glad I'm having this done... I want to run again!
I want to play and run with my 4 and 6 year old boys too! I played basketball with my oldest tonight and now I'm hurting. Bah.

Oh! And my right ankle is getting sore after nearly a year of being the dominant foot... What can I do to protect it from getting injured???

Hi! I was just like you leading up to my surgery on 2/22/12-also a Brostrom but with fibular groove deepening and peroneal tendon (it's lateral) repair. I'm in a hard cast for 3 wks, boot for at least 3 wks and probably longer and 6 wks NWB. Not sure what to tell you about your "good ankle". My right foot/leg is getting tired of doing all the work too! I love my knee walker. It came highly recommended to me by MRS HEIDI and she was right! It was great! Also love my cast cover and it to was recommended to me by ROXY! Best one I've had as this is ankle surgery #2. I also have something that protects your sheets and your other leg from your cast while sleeping and I have a product that was made to be the"sock" for your casted foot to keep your toes warm!

These products have made my life SO much easier!!! As far as the pants, most yoga or exercise/track pants will go over the cast. Just make sure your yoga ants are the fitted skinny kind. My boot cut jeans will actually go over them, but I don't recommend it. Don't want to pick the jeans. Scrub pants work well too if you have them or have access to them. I wore those home from the hospital the firs time and I wore yoga pants home this time! Hope all that helps!!
Hi, I'm 12 weeks (12/16/11) post-op having had a right endoscopic gastrocnemius release, ankle arthroscopy and synovectomy, lateral ligaments Brostrom repair, along with peroneus brevis partial excision, and peroneus brevis to longus transfer.
Lol, copied that from the Doctors notes.
I was NWB until 1/1/12 & started Phys Therapy 1/5/12 twice a week. Then PWB until 1/26/12. I guess every doctor is different because I never got a plaster cast. They put me straight into a boot which I thought was great I could take it off and rest my foot on pillows. I returned to work 8 weeks post-op (2/10/12). I have been told I had a remarkable recovery, all of my ROM has returned.
Other than what the others have already told you I don't have too much to add.
I did buy a shower chair & a cast cover which came in very handy. You can find the cast covers at your local pharmacy, CVS or Wal-greens it didn't cost that much. Or just a garbage bag & rubber band.
I spent a lot of the time on the recliner & I really didn't want to leave the house unless I had to, lol.
Pajamma pants are the best things ever invented!
Good luck with the crutcheze I wish I had found those for myself.
Good luck with your surgery!! Keep your leg elevated & don't lose the remote!

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