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Big toe injury
Jun 3, 2012
Hello, to give some background I am 28 years old, I exercise regularly through biking, running on treadmill or track/turf surfaces and play recreational soccer. I used to run 30 miles a week on concrete (road) prior to below injury, may be related however I did switch to better alternatives about 3 months before the injury.
About 1 year back out of anger I kicked the door of my car twice and although I had plenty of cushion on my foot, my big toe (right foot) got swollen right away and had pain and mostly could not step on it. The swelling went off after about a week and I asked a sports injury physical therapist about it and by stretching the toe up/down/left/right he thought that I just had mostly a strain of tendons and ligaments around the joint and nothing serious and that it should go away in 3 months. The pain was mostly on the joint at the base of the toe and specifically when pressing on the outside of the toe towards the inside of the foot (right) past 5%-10%, this is frequent stress on a toe in soccer. I did however have full range of motion without pain when running or moving the toe in circles without outside help. The only contact that hurt was applying force or certain time in soccer when the toe gets stressed more.
I saw an orthopedist after 3 months and was expecting an xray. However the orthopedist did the same thing by stretching toe in all directions. He said everything was ok and at the very worse I could have tiny joint/bone fractures in the joint area which rarely ever get surgery on. The pain should go away in 3 months. I was expecting to be immobilized in one of those foot casts. Regardless in about 6 months or so the pain was minimal when playing soccer or running and I would say it was 90% healed.
However about 2 months ago we we’re playing soccer and as I was trying to clear a ball out of the box when someone blocked my foot with his cleats which landed straight on my toe. It was sore and swollen and sort of healed through R.I.C.E. Since then the exact pain I had a year back is here, applying pressure on the exterior of the toe is painful and I often have to stop playing if I jam the toe into the turf or hit the ball funny. With my previous experience with the doctor I am not sure if I there is anything they can do, I have full range of motion, the joint is somewhat stiff when I run but not very uncomfortable. I continue to exercise by running treadmill and biking however I am very careful so that no one steps on my toe, etc. as I get acute pain for short period of time when that happens. No pain when walking just very slight discomfort.
Recently I tried the KT Tape which helps and I wonder if I should continue with that or go see a doctor.

Would appreciate some advice. Thanks.

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