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I went back and read what you have been through....I feel your pain! I finally got to the right DR. (I hope) this is OS number 3 for me....the others passed me on. Your story sounds a lot like mine. I have been struggling for over 8 years and am tired of going to a Dr and having them say do PT or wear orthotics. I have been exercising and I wear my orthotics...duh...if that was working I wouldn't be asking for help! I can't believe they gave U the good drugs! Mine just said over the counter stuff, which you must know doesn't help much.
Any way...finally got a surgeon who will do the transfer, heel allignment & lengthen the achilles...scary! I also have 3 spots of arthritis setting into the foot. Did they transfer a tendon from your big toe?
I will have to go back on blood thinners as being in a cast or boot puts you at risk for blood clots in the leg. I had one a few years ago (went to the Dr for recurring charlie horse, fearing a clot. Dr said it wasn't ....months later I ended up in the ER with multiple Pulmonary Emboli (guess it was)) I did the round of shots to the stomach then. I will probably stay on blood thinners throughout recovery. I am supposed to be on baby aspirin for life, but since I take stuff for pain, I often forget the small stuff. Not looking forward to this surgery or recovery....I run a restaurant...gotta figure out how this will work. UGH!!

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