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[QUOTE=sharonshoes;5033599]OMG sounds just like they just wanted my money ajustment new inserts etc yes it happned to me , i went in one day and came out walking like i had golf balls jammed under my arches and my toes curled round, took 2 weeks to get used to them and my bunions then hurt like mad,so i guess some foot drs dont know whats best for are feet.[/QUOTE]

I had at the golf ball as well and guess what caused it_the second pair of orthotics!! Please do me a favor and ditch those things and go barefooted, if you can. Your arch will come up, but i will take time. Also, loosen your toes because you most likely have cartilage between them and that is what is making your toes tight. There are exercises on the Intenet that will tell you how to stretch your plantar facia. If you cannot find it, let me know and I will write back. I know when I first had plantar facia, a surgeon, would NOT go near it; he told me to do exercises. The podiatrist I went to, wanted to cut rich into me. When I told the surgeon I had ben to a podiatrist and gave his name, he said, "Oh, he is a fine podiatrist." When I added that he wanted to cut into me, he said, "I retract my statement about him being a fine podiatrist." This surgeon was not for cutting, if not necessary.

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