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[QUOTE=ericben;5040321]If this subject has been addressed already I apologize. I have a pronounced callus on my right big toe and the beginnings of a bunion on the big toe side of my right foot. I cannot figure out why. I am wondering if I am not walking correctly( no one as ever told me I have an abnormal gait) The sides of my shoes are always wearing out sooner on the right shoe. My sister has suggested that perhaps my right foot is wider than my left.
Since I am 46 yrs old and just beginning a career as a massage therapist I am wondering if this condition will be exacerbated by my new profession.
I am 5' 6" and weigh 190lbs. The callus and bunion are not causing any pain(yet) What could be causing this and is there any thing I could or should do about it ? Thank You[/QUOTE]
If you are wearing out one side of your shoe over the other, chances are you are walking on that side of your foot more than the other side. So, that could explain why you are getting callused feet or toes. The bunion could be because you are either not wearing the proper shoe for your particular feet or you are sitting/standing/walking with pressure over one part of your foot. Have you heard of a Tailor's bunion/bunionette? When tailors would be at their sewing stations, they would sit and their toes would be under such pressure that they would develop a bunion/bunionette. You might want to do some research on them. I hope you get some medical advice from a doctor soon so that your feet will get better...I've heard that bunions are quite painful.

Like you, I wanted to choose a profession that I enjoyed. So when I asked my orthopedist about being a surgical tech, he didn't exactly tell me, "NO," but he didn't exactly encourage me to pursue that profession either. He did say, that if I were his sister or daughter, he would tell me not to do it. That pretty much made my decision for me.

Do some research into your medical condition and which shoes would help your condition. I'm sure any type of orthotic or special orthopedic shoes would be more expensive than traditional shoes. But, it would be well worth it if your condition is kept at bay or relieved. There is nothing worse than sore, achy feet. Especially if you are in a profession that requires a great deal of standing, walking, and being on your feet all day!!!!

The great thing about being a massage therapist, is that you can make your own schedule. So, with that said, schedule your clients far enough apart to where you can take frequent breaks.

Good luck in your endeavors as a massage therapist!!!! Hope this helps!!!

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