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I highly suggest that you do NOT have that done. My feet were flatter than a pancake, but I now have an arch due to a good good therapist who knows kiniseology. Your a. tendon is very important and so is your plantar facia and everything from your foot to your hip. If you have flat feet, chances are your knees are off, your plantar facia is way too tight and the rest of the muscles in that area, including the a. tendon, are weak. Please do not let anyone operate because it is not necessary. Oh, I also had bunions and hammer toes. Had both feet operated on by a ortho man years ago, but could see that the hammer toe on one foot was returning and the bunion was getting worse. Since in this therapy, my toe looks normal and my bunions are much much smaller. So, all of this can be helped if you find the right person. Please stay clear of podiatrists for any such surgery. They LOVE to cut when it is not needed. Now, don't get me wrong because they can be used for other things, but not this type of work. I also wore orthotics and they did nothing but damage me. They make those tendons weak and that is not good. Orthotics are money makers for podiatrists and others in that field.

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