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[QUOTE=PyrettaBlaze13;5068991]I think I worded it wrong. The ortho wants to make the other metatarsal bones on my second, third, and forth toes (the long bone before the toes) all align with the first metatarsal bone to my big toe’s bone.
The ortho also mentioned that the type of “deformity” I have is usually seen on people who have gotten bunion surgery.
I was going to do a test wearing just plain ole gel inserts. Right now I am using the sticky metatarsal bars they gave me to stick onto over counter insoles. My custom orthotics made my pain worse within a few days. So they told me to try them every other day.

Kinesiology, as in a chiropractor?

Im so desperate to get relief that I guess in my mind ill do anything  Even if it is surgery

Yes, im from the boston area. 20min from boston to be exact. I plan to get second opinions, but my health insurance only lets us see dr’s from a certain area. If we want to go out of said area our copay is outrageous! I do plan on trying whatever possible with surgery being the last resort[/QUOTE]

No, Kinesiology is not chiropractor. As I may have said, he is someone who has studied body mechanics, but I am not too sure your insurance would cover that and that is something I had not thought about. I still have my doubts about that surgeon because I had HORRIBLE feet with bunions and hammer toes and they were as flat as a pancake before my surgery years ago. As time passed on, I could see that the bunions were growing back and the hammer toe on one foot was coming back. As I said, had I known then when I know know about the mechanics of the feet and legs and hips, I never would have had that surgery years ago and, yes, an ortho man did it. Did a podiatrist make your inserts? I am just curious. I used to live in Boston and LOVED it!!!

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