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Hello All,

I've been looking over these forums for about a week or so and have found alot of useful information so thank you! I now have a question:

I went to see a podiatrist on 10/26 because I have had flat feet all my life as well as bunions on both feet for as long as I can remember. About 2-3 weeks ago I woke up at 1:30 in the morning with screaming pain on the bunion side of my right foot. For the rest of the week I could barely walk. About a week ago my left foot started hurting as well. I was sure it was gout but went to the podiatrist and he said they could test for it but that was way down on his concern list because it didn't present like gout (red, swollen, etc.)

They took X-Rays and of course my feet are completely on the ground. The doctor said "extremely flat". So, since I have these problems and have had pain off and on in my feet forever, he suggested surgery. Actually he said we could go the conservative route but it wouldn't "fix" the problem just make it more bearable until I was ready. I am tired of the pain so I am looking into having the surgery. Has anyone had these procedures done?

Gastroc Recession
Evans Osteotomy
First Metatarsal Cuneiform Fusion
Modified McBride Bunionectomy
Akins Bunionectomy

I'm looking at getting the right one done first because in Jan of this year I had a Tibial Transfer Osteotomy in my right knee because both my knees are bad in addition. I'm looking at total knee replacements for both but since I am so young (32) we have to try to prolong that surgery.

Because of the advice on this board, I have scheduled a 2nd opinion appointment with a foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon for 11/26. I'm going to take him my X-Ray disc and list of surgical procedures proposed and see what he says. I'm much rather him do it due to all the horror stories I have heard here.

Thank you so much for reading & any advice is much appreciated!

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