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I don't even know where to begin....

I had a car accident in 2010 that resulted in a broken talus bone. The orthopedic doctor went in and inserted two pins to but the talus bone back together. That has since healed up 100 %. Since then, before this past September, i had been seeing him constantly due to pain. Come to find out i had arthritis in the lower joint of the ankle. I also had plantar fasciitis and also several cortisone shots into the lower ankle joint. This past September on the 7th, I had surgery to fuse that lower ankle joint together. Two more pins were inserted and when he went in to fuse it he found severe arthritis and bone spurs. He also stretched my achilles tendon and did a nerve block.

Now i am walking about in a boot and in even more PAIN then i was before he did surgery. All the pain is in the heel and it radiates into the upper ankle and arch of my foot.
I work in a daycare with 17 - 3 year olds. I work only part part time from 8 AM to 1 PM. I have been working since last week. I got the okay on the 17th of October to begin walking on the foot. I weaned myself off crutches and began back at work. The ONLY way I make it thru the working hours at my job is to take a pain pill. And even then it doesn't always work. In fact it hasn't been working at all these past couple of days. They successfully make me drowsy and I cant think at all. I'm on Norco pain pills. When I get off at 1 PM i come home and ice up. It doesn't help with the pain in the heel, icing it. The pain goes away with everything else but the heel pain remains. But what's surprising about all this, I have no swelling at all. I did for a while there, but now, nothing. It's all pain, and very bad.
I see the orthopedic tomorrow. I moved up my appointment one whole day to see what I can do.
I didn't use a bone growth stimulator. I AM on vitamins with calcium and Vitamin D, I DO take Glucosamine and Chondriton. I AM in a CAM boot that inflates with air in the pockets of it. I DO ice up from 1:30 to about 5 every afternoon. I AM hardly walking on the foot, and when I don't, I have it up. I DON'T own compression stockings, but now i don't even think they may be necessary because of the no-swelling-all-pain my ankle has got going on. I DO elevate my foot above my heart when I can.
Does ANYONE have ANY suggestions? Am I doing something wrong? Could there be more i SHOULD be doing?
Please, I would appreciate all and any input. I am so lost and very very very frustrated.


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