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I think you should be able to go back to work after 6 weeks. Who knows, you may be fine after 4 weeks. Follow your surgeons post-op instructions exactly. You didn't mention which procedure you'll be having but it sounds like most people are in a walking boot around 4-6 weeks unless they have other issues as well. My mom had a bunion and 4 hammertoes fixed and was non-weight bearing for 5 weeks. I had both feet done at once and after the first couple of days I didn't use crutches and only had post-op shoes to deal with. I was in tennis shoes after 3 weeks.It will depend on how well you heal. You should certainly be in decent shoes at 6 months, flats if nothing else.
My experience was nowhere near as bad as I expected it, and I'm very glad that I had it done.
It totally depends on what type of bunion surgery you are having. If it's mimimal incision surgery, then yes, you will be fine in 6 wks.

If it's more invasive such as a Lapidus, which is what I had on both feet, then you will still have pain and swelling at 6 wks, and if lucky will just be able to start bearing some weight.

Talk to your OS and ask lots of questions. In my case, bone fusion did not happen until 6 wks.

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