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Hey there,
We are right about at the same time in recovery, I think I might be a month a head of you (My surgery was 23 August).

Are you in a boot? Or shoes? It took me about 5 or 6 weeks to be full weight bearing in my boot. Once I was given the clearence to start into shoes, I waited until I had my first PT. There, they were surprised I wasn't walking yet, and basically pushed me out of the nest. Told me I wasn't going to get better if I kept nursing it (I was on a knee scooter). They told me the sooner I could start walking in shoes, the better. So I went home that day and got a cane. I never went to crutches (for a lot of reasons, some having to do with my injured back).

I have next to no pain in my heel. All of my pain is in my achilles tendon. It's normal. The bones have set, and are fine, but the tendons from being in a cast/boot/NWB aren't used to it.

I've been walking NWB for 10 weeks. I still have a ton of pain in my ankle. I still have a limp. I ditched my cane full time last week, no now it's just me. But even with PT 2x a week, I still limp and still have a long ways to go.

Your PT is right in saying manage the pain, but I found that the pain is most intense at first and that is what typically scares you away. If you can breakthrough that initial step, the steps come easier. Don't disregard what your PT says, but my (personal, non MD, not a therapist) opinion would be to try and jump to the cane and take the pain at the end of the day. If its so unbearable it makes you feel like you are about to vomit or cry, then back off. But soreness is a different story.

You are also only at 5 weeks. That is still super early in the recovery. Keep at it! Good luck!


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