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This is my first post...ever...

I had bunion surgery 9 weeks ago. Although I think I'm healing well, I've had issues with swelling and numbness around the big toe and right side of my foot.

I've have followed my doctors orders and have done my physical therapy exercises religiously, iced and elevated my foot, (at least 3x a day) have taken ibuprofen, have had full body massages, have personally massaged my foot (20 minute minimum 2x a day) and have done Epsom salt soaks to ease the swelling (2x a day, once in the morning once before bed)

Any other ideas out there? I know for some people it may take up to 6 months to a year to fully recover, but I'm feeling frustrated and wondered if there is any thing more I can be doing and have wondered if I'm doing too much.

I'm 50 and in good health and really thought I'd be back to my old routines by now. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
I am just under four weeks post bunion surgery. My main issue is the sweling that prevents me from wearing dress shoes.

I take one Aleve every twelve hours for pain and inflammation.

The numbness and tingling has decreased a lot. I think that is because I am not as swollen and the area is healing.

I am doing quite well with my range of motion exercises and I am icing the foot at least three times a day. I can also walk well with my Teva sandals and my athletic shoes. I had a massage yesterday and I think it helped improve circulation and break down scar tissue. I am going to include massaging my foot in my daily routine.

One thing that has helped me a lot is the compression bandage across my foot that keeps the surgical area in correct alignment. I recently started using athletic tape. My surgeon told me this controls the edema.

I am going to try a foot bath with epsom salt and let you know the results.

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