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I'm 7 1/2 wks post op. Got my cast off last Weds. and wearing a huge walking boot. My doc told me I have to wear it 24/7 (except for showering, of course) for 3 wks. Then I start PT. My doc said that I can put as much weight on my foot as I can tolerate. So it if hurts, less weight, if it doesn't, try more. He said the first 3 days would be tougher and I might want to use my scooter. I refused to use it at work and used crutches on Thurs and Fri. I was ok Thurs, but Fri was awful. I think I did way too much and my ankle swelled a lot and was painful.

The only part of my foot that hurts when I bear much weight is the outside of my ankle where the tendon and bone work was done. I tried standing on it with full weight and even moved a bit on it without crutches today in a fitting room while I was trying on scrubs. OUCH. I am not supposed to do that and now I know why. Soooo....I guess they mean it when they say listen to your body. I can't imagine going without the crutches within a doc thought I would be able to ditch the crutches in a week. I don't know about that.

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