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[QUOTE=RuthS;5158613]I see you are also from Ontario. A friend of mine is having foot surgery this week. She did extensive research and found there are labout 10 OS's that specialize in feet in the province. I don't know about you , but I have a long wait to see the OS for a consult and the surgery wait was to be 2 yrs and 3 months, but I got a cancellation date.[/QUOTE]

Yes...I am in the Peterborough area and there is 1 foot/ankle specialist in Peterborough.....That is very discouraging to read that the wait is so incredibly long...I have no idea how long I'm gonna have to wear the boot or be in a cast or even how long I'm gonna have to wait for my consult with the surgeon.

I can't wait 2 yrs plus for the surgery if that is what is needed. What do they think...I'm gonna walk around in a cast or the boot for that long/????? I think not.

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