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I am 5 weeks post op, I had a double bunionectomy -so both feet- the first and second metatarsal broke and set with a screw/for the first( bunion toe) and the second toe with a pin. I also had a bilateral snip to my ligaments on both feet as well.
Up until this point i had-
3 motrin every 8 hours
two weeks bed rest/with ice 20 min every of every hour, elevation, used wheel chair only to get to bed/or couch or bathroom.
weeks 3 and 4,
2 motrin every 8 hours,
I used a cane and was aloud to be up about 15 min an hour at most- was told i could stand to shower-but with both feet done still sat.
now at week 5 i am currently
still in surgical shoes on both feet, taking motrin ONLY as needed, up much more ( i dont return to work for another week thank goodness!)
Today was my first day swimming, I walked up to pool side in surgical shoes, sat to take them off-then got in the pool.
my QUESTION- sorry it took so long to get to it!
in moving my feet in the water my second toe almost feels detached, it flops and wiggles as i pull and push through the water, i'm using an attached floating device and basically treading water-assistedly. is it normal for my second toe to feel almost floppy and uncontrolable? I was hoping its just nerves/ligaments regenerating?
second question
I still have a LOT of bruising through out-mostly on my second and third toe, then in random places along my foot.
I had this surgery done because I am a musical theatre dancer and singer, I have danced 30 years now, and I was constantly getting neuroma's, due to my bunions compressing my other joints, It of course got worse and worse. I am required to perform in heels for my job and couldnt because of my neuromas. By correcting the bunions, and literally giving more space to my joints, By knowing I must work in wider lower character shoes, and that I am young enough and strong enough to rebound from this easier if i did it NOW, is why I chose to do it. Ive heard a LOT of terror stories of course post op-but also great success from other athletes. I am keeping so positive, and having faith, and trusting that the body will in fact heal. And I truly feel more better every day! I begin to work with a PT for dancers in 3 weeks, and since before the surgery have had a low sodium diet, while taking multi vitamins and bromelin.
Thank you for your help i have been on these boards for months i'm glad to finally post!

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