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First bunion surgery was on both feet at once during early December.
When they first unwrapped it I noticed two bumps still there. Was told it was on purpose to look more natural.
As weeks went by it got worse and still couldn't even wear crocs. Pain was worse, which was disheartening because pain was what drove me to do this.
Well, long story short I went for second opinion. At first I was soooo cocky. I mean both feet at once and I wasn't having trouble getting around. March 1st had revision on right foot. First time had NO hardware whatsoever. Second time had lots of hardware all the way to ankle and lots of work done. Found out then what true pain was! Yikes! But that big toe is stick straight and that makes me very happy.
Now I know a lot of people still wanted a little bump. So it's just me. Guess after all these years I was just tired of bumps.
Not sure when or if Ill have left foot done. Guess we will just wait and see.
It's healed kinda slowly. Had no baby bone, so have just removed cast and finally got the boot. ( 10 weeks of cast)
The hardest part of all this has been the loneliness, not really the pain. All the promises to take me here and there never materialized. Sort of feel like I'm in house arrest. People are so busy, and I do understand.
Good part is that now I appreciate people more. Just can't wait to get out and see them again!
Just a word about getting around the house if it helps anyone.
Started off with a three wheeled scooter that didn't steer and was very unstable. Fell way too many times than I want to remember.
But I thought all knee scooters were like this. So got a hover round type scooter. Sounds wonderful? Well getting on this thing from the couch or anywhere was like Mt Everest. When my knee finally couldn't take anymore, I found out there were other kinds of knee scooters! Silly me.
Now I have a four wheeled steerable knee scooter with a little basket on the front.very stable, and I love it!
Oh well, live and learn.
In two weeks we will see what progresses and I look forward to seeing the human race again.
Hope this didn't sound too Whiney. It was my fault. I didn't do the research, ask enough questions or get a second opinion.
I do hope this post helps someone. Want it to be more than venting.
I do think my new foot looks really cute and it is finally recovering nicely.
God Bless to all who are getting bunion surgery. Unless your feet really hurt, I'd say skip it. But mine really really did.
Have a great day

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