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Hi everyone! I had Posterior Tibial Tendon surgery on 28 July 2013. I found this great health board prior to my surgery and with your help I was able to get my home and my mind ready for surgery. I am mainly using a knee scooter and a walker to get around. I tried crutches but after my second fall I quickly realized that wasn't going to work. The first time I fell was the day I came home from the hospital and was trying to get up the step from the garage into the house. I had practiced getting up the step prior to surgery but I guess between being a little loopy from the medicines and having the real-deal splint on my leg I just didn't make it. My husband was helping me and was able to keep my foot from hitting anything. (Thank you Hubby!) The second time I was transferring from the crutches to the walker and just lost my balance and fell backwards. I kept my foot up and landed on my backside so I was a little bruised for a few days.
I've been back to the doctor twice. The first time 5 days after surgery and they did x-rays and then rewrapped me back with the splint. The second visit was another x-ray to make sure that all the hardware was where it was supposed to be and then the stitches where removed and a hard cast was put on. Getting the stitches removed did hurt especially the ones on the heel and the back of the foot. My next appointment is July 24th and I guess the doc will just make sure all looks good and then they will put on another hard cast.
Doc said I'd be at least 10 weeks NWB. I have osteoporosis and he said he could definitely see that the bone he cut was thinner than normal. Today I started on a bone stimulator machine which I am to do for 30 minutes a day. Has anyone used one of these before? I don't recall reading anything about it in prior posts.
My husband has been working from home the past two weeks so he could be here with me 24/7. He has been great! Monday I start working from home for the next two weeks. I bought a Laid-Back computer table and they are great. Let's me keep my foot elevated and yet I'm able to work on my computer.
What I need some help with is how to conquer the garage step, both up and down. What I'm doing now is using my knee scooter to get to the door and then sit on a stool, swing my legs around into the garage, lift the scooter into the garage, and then I'm on my way. The problem is I have to lift the scooter over me because there isn't enough room in the doorway for the scooter and the chair. Any ideas?
Thanks again for all the NWB ideas! ~~~CM in Oklahoma City

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