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This is my first post to these boards and hoping to get some good advice. I am 33 year old female and have had bunions ever since i was a teen. Over the past few years I have noticed that they are getting larger and my toes are angled more. I have pain when wearing certain shoes and numbness in the toes. I went to a podiatrist about a week ago and he said my bunions are moderate and I also have a foot disorder called metatarsus adductus. Since I have this deformity he has recommended the Big toe fusion and removal of my bunions. He said with all the other surgeries it wouldnt work and I would be back years later getting another surgery. I have done A LOT of research online about big toe fusion being the recommended type of surgery for my type of foot problem but I am nervous about the whole big toe fusion thing. I have read stories on here that are horrible and I have also seen post that were not so bad of an experience. My doctor said that the surgery recovery time is 8 weeks in a hard cast below the knee NWB and then boot for 2 weeks after. I am ok with the recovery time but am afraid of afterwards. I understand that I wont be able to wear heels over 2" and ok with bc I cant now anyway without having severe pain. Is walking different afterwards, can you still workout(walking and gym person), am I going to be able to kneel at all(worried about when i have children and picking them up or just playing with them), can i still wear flip flops(bc I love them)........ etc!!!
What kind of certifications from the podiatrist should I be looking for? Whats some things to make sure you ask your doctor about?
I guess what it comes down to is this surgery worth it in the end? Right now my feet hurt but the pain is tolerable only in the summer times bc i wear open shoes. The winter time is unbearable(basically anything closed toed). I feel like they get worse and worse every year and I am looking to have children in the next few years and feel like this is the best time to do this. Any thoughts?
Thank you. :confused:

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