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Foot sprain
Jan 17, 2014
Three weeks ago I badly hurt my foot to the point where it physically made me nauseous. The initial injury was caused when I lost my balance and my full body weight landed on the ball of my foot. This usually would not be a problem but I was unable to catch myself and my foot twisted hard in the middle and something popped. I have been diagnosed with a severe mid-foot sprain. Now the pain is much more manageable and I was given a walking boot to help keep my foot steady. With this boot on I can walk around with no pain unless I go for too long without resting it or icing. However I still can not walk without it even with support as it feels like something is moving somewhere in the arch as well as the top of my foot. This causes the pain to flare up close to where it was when I first got hurt. Also I have a "burning" sensation whenever this happens on the bottom an top of my foot that stays for a few hours even with icing an pain meds. One last thing is that I have a very hard time flexing and extending my toes. The big toe especially as that one hurts. My ankle mobility it fine, just the toes. Though my chronically sprained ankle doesn't like the added compression and weight of the walking boot.

My question is, should I be worried, or does this sound normal for a mid-foot sprain.

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