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Hey Ocean,

I totally feel your pain and depression. I had my surgeries just over 7 weeks ago. I was supposed to be in a cast for 6 weeks NWB, but after the 2nd check for a blood clot the dr put me in the boot a week early but still NWB. At my 6-week check up he told me I can go weight bearing as tolerated for 4 weeks and then begin transitioning back into a regular shoe. Even though I'm kind of walking (with crutches) it's still hard to deal with mentally and physically. I used to be able to shower & dress and be ready to go in 15 minutes. Today it took me 37 minutes and I was exhausted afterwards. Not only that - but my foot was majorly swollen and unhappy. I'll be sleeping in the boot tonight (I'm allowed to take it off for sleeping and showering). I can't carry anything unless it's in my back pack thanks to the crutches. And my list goes on. I keep reminding myself that the surgeries had to be done. I couldn't keep going with the pain and swelling on a daily basis. It's a tough and rough road we're traveling and I guess we just need to remind ourselves that we will feel better sooner or later. Although sooner sure would be better! Lol. One thing that helped me immensely the first 6 weeks was using a knee scooter. I was able to continue teaching, could grocery shop, get out and about. I was sad to give it up when I went into the boot, but I know that becoming weight bearing again is part of the process. I guess the only thing I can say is hang in there - it will get better!

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