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Although I did not have foot and ankle problems, I did have a complicated situation. Originally, I had hip surgery. Most likely as a result of that, I got a hematoma and then a blood clot (DVT). Even with the best of surgical care, the wound from an operation on the hematoma did not heal for 5-6 months. My hematoma/DVT caused me to have a compromised femoral nerve, which did not regenerate in the time doctors thought it should, making surgeons say they could not operate on my kneecap. Consequently, I have had numerous falls. It was very difficult to get doctors to look at me as a person with complex issues and it sounds like that might be what you are dealing with. I agree with several others who have mentioned going to an orthopedic foot/ankle person and getting all your records. I have found I have to be my own advocate and keep on top of every single thing done to me. However, I would also suggest you have doctors evaluate for a hematoma or blood clot, as some of the symptoms sound very similar to what I had. Yes, write down everything. If your husband can do so, have him write it down too. My husband and I found that both of us need to do so to make sure we get all the information down. Good luck to you and be sure to let us know how things are going!

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